firestarterImage.jpgFirestarter Pty Ltd is an award-winning environmental business offering communication, management, education, promotion and major event organisation services to businesses, government and community groups across Australia, with a strong emphasis on environmental community interest projects.

Firestarter staff have extensive experience and strong backgrounds in the natural resource management and education industry. We are also passionate about the welfare of our young people and as a result are heavily involved in initiatives and projects for the youth of Australia.

While Firestarter focus their services on the natural resource management and youth sectors, they aim to provide leading edge, professional and reliable services to any identity who has management, communication, education, promotion or sponsorship needs.

Innovative, passionate, exciting Firestarter represents a new era of consulting services. Firestarter offers clients a total commitment to the provision of a quality service. Firestarter are totally committed to each project to ensure quality is never compromised.

Firestarter upholds the values of environmental and educational credibility, applied and innovative work commitment, respect for social responsibility and the choice of ethical projects only.

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